Packing is an art that unfortunately I have not mastered yet, probably due to the fact that I have 5 outfit changes in a day and I try on 10 different outfits on before finally deciding on one. Needless to say that packing for a country I’ve never been to with a culture completely different from that of America not to mention the limited space (2 per flier rule) is more than your everyday arduous task. I know that I can just purchase stuff there but I don’t want to be under prepared either, I mean Shanghai is the worlds’ #8 top fashion city so it’s only logical I pack enough shoes and accessories right? Plus what if I have to dress up and got to the gym, I’m going to be in the country for 5 months or 142 days to be exact if I were to stick to just 1 outfit a day and pjs that’s a grand total of (142 day outfits and 143 pjs) 285 outfits and as any Fashionista would agree (Rachel Zoe most def would) OPTIONS are a must! 

so far I haven’t past a pair of shoes and tights(my solution to cold whether), did I forget to mention I’ve always lived in the south so I have no clue what this so called winter is like….

but I also figure since I’m going to a country that I know no one at it is also a time to take risk with fashion and wear what ever I’ve always wanted to wear but feared was too far from my usual attire or I was not in the right setting for it so CARPE DIEM Nat style

As Anna Wintour would say Keep it Chic

Au revoir for now and remember la vie est belle ❤  

{photo taken by me on i-phone}