Most Precious Place on Earth: Savannah

Although Florida is geographically in the south, I had not experienced southern hospitality until now. Savannah is one of the most precious places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. People are extremely friendly and the food is well…. worth the 3 hour workout it takes to burn it all off


Worth every calorie



The petite town is full of surprises! From maj Vintage finds, antique treasures, and historic sites.


I-Phones might be the it phone but nothing is a chic as this telephone


Not sure if this is an antique or vintage, what ever it is categorized as it is just perfect for my New York apartment


What ever the era we all love a little bling ūüėČ


Not sure what they are wishing me good luck for but I will take all the luck I can get.

The SCAD Art museum is a MUST, especially with Andre Leon Talley’s Gallary¬†that features Calvin Klein¬†Image


I enjoyed all the southern hospitality Savannah had to offer and it’s wonderful and quite different experiences my fave experience was the SCAD Fashion show. It was evident that those who showed their designs are more than talented- they are gifted.


With Miss J


The Designers and their looks


One of my favorite dresses, and the designer was beyond nice



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