Beijing in hindsight

Well in hein sight, as always, we realize that the solution was obvious, the evidence as clear, the situation wasn’t as bad as we first thought and well my China experience was no different especially it’s lovely capital. Beijing was though to acclimate it was my first time ever being culture shocked even though I have done more than my fair amount of Traveling. I also had  health obstacles I faced like my allergies to literally everything including the very polluted air, but my love for culture and my drive to learn the language got me through it. So much so that NOW I can say I love Beijing, after all Beijing was where I…..


1st experienced the Chinese culture

Taken at the State Capital Museum





Because going abroad should mean more that a pretty profile or cover picture, there should be substance, intellectual growth, greater capacity to understand why things are the way they are and how they can change. 




1st developed my obsession for drinking coconuts




{Taken in the snack tent outside the Olympic Stadium}
{Taken at Peking University}


Words can not describe how much I miss being able to walk out on the street and purchase a coconut to casually sip as I go shopping or do homework. 


1st encountered and eventually conquered the oh so feared squatty-potty


{Taken at the National Museum}

On Thanksgiving I believe my #1 thing I was greatful for was a “Western Toilet”

Was taken out of my comfort zone and encouraged to TRY new things 

Taken at the St.Angel Hotel


For many of us it is easier to stay with our routines, if it’s not broke don’t fix it and although I love a scheduled life style that tailors to my OCD needs I can also say that after having tried a lot of new things some that even made me sick I don’t regret any of it after all we only regret the risk we didn’t take. 


Made friendships and memories that will last for everrrr

taken outside the temple of heave
The oh so very Brave 4


The best friend that came to learn and keep me sane, for that I’m forever grateful!
The partner in crime especially when it came to Shanghai

Because in the end it’s what you bring to it…. which is why Beijing round 2 was also a Blast especially with my new found love for the adventure filled yet culturally and intellectually stimulating.

There was and still is so much more to be seen
THE GREAT WALL, nothing will ever compare to this place







Let’s face it

Okay so it’s no secret I was rather bad at keeping up with posting but I promised myself on the flight back from China that I would oust more, as well as become be more like 15 year old me who knew for a fact nothing was impossible and got what she wanted no matter what. with that I leave you to contemplate about what you want to achieve in the upcoming years and who you want to become.